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TV’s Best Guest Spot

Heather (Rock of Love), Always Sunny

heatherI went back and forth between Megan Mullally on Parks and Recreation and Heather on Always Sunny.  Mullally was fantastically hilarious as the manipulative, Cleopatra-loving, government gal, while a scantily clad Heather swayed in the background making her best sexy-face. Which is to say both shows played to their respective guest stars’ strengths.

In real life, Mullally is married to Nick Offerman so it is only suiting that she played his character’s ex-wife Tammy.  I wonder, though, what twist of fate landed one of Bret Michaels‘s cast-offs on the funniest show on television?  Were the Always Sunny people like, hmm we need someone to play a prostitute, oh how about one of these chicks? Or did Heather approach Always Sunny who asked her, can you sing, dance, act? Well, can you wear next-to-nothing and hold a gun? K, great, we’ve got the role for you!

So although Heather did not say a word, I still gotta give it to her for the sheer randomness of the appearance.


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