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TV’s Best Mean Girl Moment

Kelly Kapoor, The Office.

Kelly totally ripped a page out of Regina George‘s Burn Book by telling Pam’s mom she loved her necklace then turning to the camera and shaking her head all disapprovingly.¬† She didn’t even need to say “That’s the ugliest effing necklace I’ve ever seen,” her face said it all. The move was subtle, just like her sexuality. (Ugh, when typing sexuality, I said sexualitay in my head. Curse your catchy little ditty, Cougar Town!)


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TV’s Best Musical Moment

Taylor Swift, SNL

Even though it was another Glee-less week, we saw plenty of Musical Moments from Community, The League, and even Cougar Town. However, quantity does not equal quality, my friends.

I must admit that I thought I would hate a show about a bunch of ex-frat bros trying to recapture their glory days through a fantasy football league. After watching a man-boy named Taco sing about his sister-in-law’s sexual hubris, I know I hate it. Ditto for Cougar Town. It’s little number “Confident in my sexualitay, just like Mariska Hargitay” is catchy but not enough to redeem a show that has the stunning Courteney Cox stressing about her apparently aging body. While I’m all for being comfortable with your sexuality whether hubris or confidence, these two songs just did not do it for me.¬† So, I was all set to choose Community‘s “GDB” as this week’s Best Musical Moment when the truly unexpected happened on Saturday night. Watch for yourself:

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I’m not a Taylor Swift fan. Yeah, whatever, it was a shame Kayne ruined her acceptance speech, but please people she won a VMA not a Nobel Peace Price. While her music is totally appropriate for the tween demographic, something about the sound of college-aged girls belting out “Romeo save me, I’ve been feeling so alone” irks me.

But T. Swift’s Musical Monologue was funny. Like really funny. Her “Hey Joe, I’m doing real well,” even had me laughing at a Jonas Brothers joke. She was silly, self-effacing, and spunky. All good s words. All adjectives that make up a quality Musical Moment. So, Congrats Taylor. You earned it.

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