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TV’s Funniest Fashion Moment

Frank, Always Sunny

crocsFrank in Crocs. Hysterical. I cannot stand these hideous, horrible shoes. Well, when adults wear them, I think they’re cute for kids. They remind me of jellies, but your feet can actually breathe. But anyways, this Funny Fashion Moment isn’t directly referenced by any cast members other than an off hand remark by Frank that he can’t walk in his shoes. This comment occurs during a later scene in which the actual Crocs do not appear. Great touch, thanks for adding something for those who watch closely.


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TV’s Best Meta Moment

Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock

To be honest, 30 Rock’s Meta jokes have been wearing as thin as their product placement jokes.  In fact, aside from this episode, I haven’t been impressed.  Even so, Tracy Jordan is still as funny as ever and deserves this week’s Meta Moment. Also, twitter users, follow Tracy Jordan.  You’ll see little gems like “For $15 I’ll induce your labor.” You’re welcome.

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TV’s Best Guest Spot

Heather (Rock of Love), Always Sunny

heatherI went back and forth between Megan Mullally on Parks and Recreation and Heather on Always Sunny.  Mullally was fantastically hilarious as the manipulative, Cleopatra-loving, government gal, while a scantily clad Heather swayed in the background making her best sexy-face. Which is to say both shows played to their respective guest stars’ strengths.

In real life, Mullally is married to Nick Offerman so it is only suiting that she played his character’s ex-wife Tammy.  I wonder, though, what twist of fate landed one of Bret Michaels‘s cast-offs on the funniest show on television?  Were the Always Sunny people like, hmm we need someone to play a prostitute, oh how about one of these chicks? Or did Heather approach Always Sunny who asked her, can you sing, dance, act? Well, can you wear next-to-nothing and hold a gun? K, great, we’ve got the role for you!

So although Heather did not say a word, I still gotta give it to her for the sheer randomness of the appearance.

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TV’s Who Told It Best?

Oddly enough, this week we saw another set of “so-and so-celebrity is totally irrelevant” jokes.  Last week it was Charlie Rose, this week it’s Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows.  Apparently Saturday Night Live and The League writers think alike, but the question remains Who Told It Best?

Andy Samberg, Saturday Night Live:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ruxin, The League:

I wasn’t going to open this up for voting because like I’ve explained before, I don’t like The League.  But it’s a new show and I’ve only seen 1 episode, so I’m open to your thoughts.

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TV’s Worst Product Placement

Cisco, 30 Rock


30 Rock’s approach to product placement is usually very funny. Pete’s, “Wow. This is diet Snapple?” interrupting Liz’s, “No, come on, Jack. We’re not doing that. We’re not compromising the integrity of the show to sell–” was quick, cute, and original. After discussing Verizon Wireless, Fey once looked straight into the camera and deadpanned, “Can we have our money now?” That moment felt so meta that I had to refer to Liz as Fey.

Cisco’s placement was done in jest. And yes, I know I said last week that I prefer the “if we’re going to do product placement, it might as well be a joke” style, but the Cisco gag felt wrong.  I get that joke’s over-the-top delivery was a meta critique of other shows’ failed attempts to incorporate product placement seamlessly into their scripts. But why bother making fun of other shows if it slows down the pace of your own? Maybe 30 Rock’s placement style is no longer funny because we’ve come to expect it. Maybe it’s only funny when it’s sleek and snappy.  Either way, Jack’s Cisco freak-out was undoubtedly this week’s Worst Product Placement.

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TV’s Best Mean Girl Moment

Kelly Kapoor, The Office.

Kelly totally ripped a page out of Regina George‘s Burn Book by telling Pam’s mom she loved her necklace then turning to the camera and shaking her head all disapprovingly.  She didn’t even need to say “That’s the ugliest effing necklace I’ve ever seen,” her face said it all. The move was subtle, just like her sexuality. (Ugh, when typing sexuality, I said sexualitay in my head. Curse your catchy little ditty, Cougar Town!)

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TV’s Worst Continuity Error

How I Met Your Mother: The “Playing the Bagpipes” Euphemism. Ted tells sex stories to his kids. A lot.


We’re really supposed to believe that Ted all of a sudden feels it’s inappropriate to talk about sex to his children? Remember the episode where the Lily made the 50 Reasons to Have Sex list? Well, we do. It was called “The Naked Man,” and the moral of that story was clothes are the only thing keeping two adults from getting it on. Or what about the listing of Canadian Sex positions in “Old King Clancy?” That episode even had an internet tie with (Just because the site doesn’t work any more doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten, HIMYM writers!) We could go on and on…

Honestly, we’d forgive this mistake if the “bagpipe” euphemism was either appropriate or funny. “Eating sandwiches” works for “smoking marijuana” because the phrases have roughly the same syllables and watching them pass sandwiches to each other is funny. “Grinch” works for “c*@!” for the same reasons. “Shut the bagpipes up!” does not work.

Also, another error. (Not continuity, just the lazy type). Check out the photo above. The picture of Marshall and Lily’s wedding does not belong in Barney’s fantasy.  Shape up, HIMYM, we’re watching. Closely.

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