TV’s Worst Continuity Error

Gossip Girl: The Queen doesn’t always have to sit higher than everyone else on the Met steps.

lively_meesterSo not only is Serena sitting higher than Blair, but look at all those people in the background *GASP* sitting higher than The Queen. And they got to walk away without yogurt facials. Perhaps we’re being nitpicky, after all this is Gossip Girl, but the idea of inventing drama to hurt Eric does not sit well with us.  This error wasn’t addressed on Daily Intel, so Minus 5.

Dishonorable Mention:

Modern Family: The kids were back at school last week.

They definitely aired “Coal Digger” and “Run for Your Wife” out of order.  But I’m more inclined to forgive this error because the show is still trying to gain viewers, and this week wasn’t that great.  Save for Gloria’s shocking remark that made this week’s 10 Best Lines.


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